Pets Ahead Of Income Protection

Pure Protect News

Britons are almost twice as likely to insure their pet, than to insure themselves against critical illness a survey has found.

Friends Life conducted a survey of 2000 Brits and found that while 21% of people insured their pets, only 12% currently held critical illness protection cover, despite family and health topping their list of things most important to them.

Although unexpected vet bills can certainly be worrying, the costs associated with taking a beloved pet to the vets pail into insignificance when compared to mortgage arrears and debt that can occur when a family member is unable to work through injury or illness.

Thankfully comprehensive Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection does not have to break the bank. Why not request a no-obligation quote from one of our dedicated advisors; we’ll scour the market for cover that suits your needs and budget.

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